Why Are Printed Circuit Boards Important?

Printed circuit boards are the most vital among the components that make up an electronic device. Heading into the Space Age would not be possible without this piece of hardware. The development of this piece was to ensure the efficiency of the electronic device and to make sure that all components that need to work together will function properly.

PCBPrinted circuit boards are the parts that allow the components of an electronic device to communicate with each other through a tight electric circuit but keep the circuits compact at the same time. It was thought that the idea for the circuit board was already present during the 1850’s but after World War II, during the 1940’s, that it was produced commercially.

Printed circuit boards would be composed of a few layers.

These layers, similar to how layer cakes would look like, work together to make the circuits connecting each area, ensuring that the electronic device works properly.

The first part of the circuit board that will be the board it self, since it is the part that holds everything together. It is also called the substrate. It can be made of a semi conductive material, or of a fully insulated material. The material that is commonly used is fibre glass, which is known to be a very rigid material, but is also flexible. Fibre glass is also known as “FR4” during the production of circuit boards.

The next part of a circuit board will be the actual conductive area of it, which makes up the circuit that goes through the board –

Copper is commonly used for this layer. Copper is a very good conductor and is also inexpensive to use. Before copper strips can be placed onto the fibre glass board, the design for the circuit is first produced. Once the design is set and transferred onto the board, the copper is then “printed,” or etched into the board.

Holes for the electronic components of the circuit will be drilled into the board afterwards. Depending on the thickness of the copper, this also dictates the how electricity will flow through the circuit board. Some circuit boards will have a double-sided layer or they can be a multilayer circuit. The layers can be go from 2 layers to as much as 16 layers, even more.

Printed circuit boards will be green in color in most cases, but there are times that they can be red or purple .This color is produced by the solder mask. Soldermarks are placed over the copper designs to protect and insulate the circuits. This also helps in preventing what is called solder jumping. Solder jumps happen when a component is soldered in place and excessive solder accidentally gets in contact with another component, which can ruin the circuit if left unchecked.

pcbLabeling the circuit board is also necessary so that when someone is trying to fix the board, or during the assembly, a person can tell which component goes to which area. A silkscreen layer is used to create labels on the board and the color used is typically white, which helps in getting the label to be noticed faster.

During cases that a circuit board needs to be connected to another circuit board as part of an assembly process, copper fingers can be added onto the board. These fingers are exposed copper contacts that can be found on one side of the board and is then easily inserted into an opening for it that can be found on the other circuit board.

Annular rings are copper rings that are found around the holes where electronic components are to be inserted through –

This gives a better contact between the circuit board and the electronic component that was installed. Once the hole for the component is drilled, the ring is then added afterwards. Soldering is the method used to connect the component to the annular ring. Printed circuit boards are vital with the creation of the new electronic devices now. Production has never been easier, thanks to this piece of hardware.


Printed circuit board are fundamental with the production of the new electronic gadgets now. Creation has never been simpler, on account of this bit of equipment. Using cutting edge hardware in a spotless and composed procedure we deliver quality items that you can rely on upon.

Why Are Printed Circuit Boards Important?