The Different Uses of Custom Coins

Challenge coins have gone a long way from their traditional use in the military. Today, creative ideas make way to fully utilize these custom coins for anyone’s advantage. These coins offer a lot of potential for anyone whether it is personal or business-related use.

For example, marketers see these as effective tools in promoting their brands while others see these as unique items to give as gift. Whatever use these coins serve, these continue to gain popularity as time goes by.

To give you an idea how these coins are used, we listed down some of their uses in both traditional and modern times.

Traditional Use

Custom CoinsThe first use of custom coins was recorded in the military. Challenge coins are usually given to prove membership and enhance the morale of the military unit. Every unit issued with these must carry their coins at all times.

The challenge begins when someone takes out a coin in a bar and slams it on the table. Everyone issued with the coins must also slam theirs down. Anyone who does not have his coin with him must pay for the next round of drinks. If everyone has their coins, then the challenger must pay the drinks.


Another use of challenge coins is for identification. In the past, a French pilot was able to avoid execution, thanks to his coin. French soldiers captured this pilot and mistook him for a German spy. They took his belongings, including his ID. However, he was saved when they saw his coin, proving that he is actually not a German spy.

In the modern times, these coins are also used as some kind of identification. Business owners often engrave their logos on these coins, which serve as an identification for their employees. They invest on these coins as these can also be effective to retain their employees.

Uphold Camaraderie

In both the old and modern times, challenge coins are used to promote camaraderie among people.

In the past, these coins serve as tools to form the bonds among military personnel. They use these coins to engage in challenges that can uphold friendship among soldiers.

Today, this purpose still serves the military. However, companies and organization also picked these up to promote camaraderie among their employees. Though the challenge now varies from organization to organization, the challenge coins remain serving their purpose.


Aside from their traditional use, challenge coins are also being used as sign of recognition. For example, these are still being used in the military as a sign of honor. The coins are also given to foreign dignitaries and civilian VIPs.

In a business setting, these coins are also used to recognize outstanding employees. Special customized coins are given to honor employees who exemplified outstanding work for a certain period of time.

Promotional Use

Modern marketers also see these custom coins as great opportunities to boost their businesses. With customizable features, these coins may serve as effective promotional tools for companies.

challenge-coinsDetails about companies may be engraved in these coins, making them powerful tools for promotional purposes. Company name, contact information and other details can be included in these coins. Companies may then use these as giveaways and gifts to loyal and future clients.


If you want to give important people something special during certain occasions, custom coins can also be your best bet.

Since these coins are customizable, you can give a personal touch to your gifts for your special ones. You may choose with the wide variety of coin customization styles to suit the person’s traits. You may opt for a 3D coin or choose offset printing to immortalize a favorite memory with that person. Different shapes and cuts are also available for a unique touch. In custom challenge coins, the possibility is endless.


Coin collecting has been an appealing hobby for people even in the distant past. Many people enjoy collecting coins from different eras and view these as a popular pastime. Learning about the backgrounds of these coins has become an entertaining leisure for some.

Today, coin collecting is still popular among individuals. They see these coins as forms of art. With a wide choice for customization, the hunt for new challenge coins has become more exciting hobby than ever.

Bottle Opener

With the modern technology, challenge coins are not just your mere coins anymore. Today, creative individuals have made them more useful than ever. They can be your bottle openers, too.

With highly customized and exquisitely detailed bottle openers, these coins make great gifts to anyone, especially your drinking buddies.


Aside from being a bottle opener, challenge coins are also becoming popular as keychains. The fine details of these keychain-slash-coins can be trendy and cool, making these ideal to display on your bags, wallets or smartphones.

Several companies also use these keychain coins to promote their brands. These make good event freebies, promo offers or unique giveaways.

Challenge coins have evolved throughout time, and these will remain evolving with the help of creative minds and colorful imagination.

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The Different Uses of Custom Coins