Welcome To Marathon Of Miracles!

Our Mantra: Marathon of Miracles is a wellness and cancer-prevention nonprofit organization offering hope for the mind, body and spirit by inspiring, educating and empowering people to thrive. Join us in the fight to end cancer by becoming a national strategic partner, donor, volunteer and/or participant with us today. There are events and activities for every taste, whether you’re interested in running a marathon, golfing, horseback riding, playing music, learning how to prepare delicious healthy meals or more, we are here to run the race with you to end cancer! Ending cancer isn’t a sprint to be run by one person, it’s more like a marathon run by a relay team. Don’t just sit there, do something with us today TO END CANCER. Marathon of Miracles is a Christian faith-based volunteer-driven nonprofit organization serving everyone with love.

“Holiday Miracles” Program Offers Hope

Every year during the holidays, we end the year strong with the Holiday Miracles campaign. During the holidays, there are many families affected by cancer that don’t celebrate because they are just trying to make ends meet. It’s a very dark and emotional time for many who are struggling. With your help, we offer hope. It can be as small as buying a Christmas Tree for a family, or donating presents, or as large as the time Casey Young, Professional Healthcare Services and Sterling Autobody of Glen Burnie teamed up with us to get a Ford Explorer refurbished and donated to the Fitzgerald family.

In November & December 2014, we will team up with many companies to offer great deals.

Get your gifts wrapped at Macy’s in Columbia, MD this December and our team of volunteer ELFS (Elated, Lively, Friendly Servants) will save you time and trouble by beautifully wrapping your gifts large and small (for a small fee, of course, to fight cancer!). Macy’s is located in northeast corner of The Mall in Columbia.

3rd Annual Celebrity-Am Golf Outing in Malibu, CA 12/9/13 a Success

Our 3rd Annual Celebrity-Am Golf Outing at the Malibu Golf Club in Malibu, CA was a success on Monday, December 9, 2013. Actors such as Emmy Award Winning Glynn Turman and Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks, pro athletes, musicians and other celebrities gathered with business leaders and cancer survivors to help raise awareness to use wellness and preventative measures To End Cancer.

To see all of the event photos, click here.

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

We really do believe that laughter is the best medicine. If you can laugh, you can have hope. Hope is the most powerful emotion next to love. This man loved his wife so much that he dressed up in a PINK TUTU to make his wife laugh during her cancer battle — to offer her hope! I can’t think of anything funnier than a hairy guy in a pink tutu!

We love laughter. We’re interested in comedy shows (if you’re a comic, how about donating a show, or tickets to an existing show, to us?), funny videos and other things to make people laugh. A child laughs 75 times a day, but the typical adult laughs less than 15 times a day. No wonder why kids are so full of life and energy! Find ways to laugh more and life will take on an entirely different perspective, no matter what your circumstances. Oh by the way… your fly’s open. Made you look!

June 2014 2nd Annual “National Golf To End Cancer Month”

Mark your calendars to get together with your golf buddies to play 36 holes or more in one day at a golf course near you in June 2014 and raise pledge dollars to fight cancer. The inaugural campaign in 2013 was a success, raising nearly $20,000 to fight cancer. Our goal in 2014 is to raise $50,000! Stay tuned for more info! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or golf course partner, contact Ed Woronicz at ejw@golftoendcancer.com.