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Welcome to Marathon of Miracles

Marathon of Miracles is a 501.c3 focused on cancer prevention and wellness. Our mission is to offer hope and resources to cancer survivors and to help end cancer through wellness and cancer prevention education. Marathon of Miracles was started in 2006 by cancer survivor Jane Ali and her husband A.J. Ali after cancer diagnoses’ ran rampant and took many lives on both sides of their family for more than ten years. After deciding that wellness programs weren’t being promoted nearly enough, they decided to literally take their lives into their own hands and start learning — and teaching others about all of the wonderful organic, natural and eco-friendly ways to fight cancer through wellness rather than the traditional western medical practice of “wait until you get sick and then get expensive treatments.”

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Our Mission


Much of the time, energy, and money invested by Marathon of Miracles and our Miracle Workers is focused on educational seminars, workshops, webinars, and publications.


Marathon of Miracles has built alliances with some of the premiere, breakthrough providers of screen, testing, and prevention strategies. Our goal is STOP cancer before it’s too late.


The options for treatment have expanded greatly over the last decade. Problem is, many people dealing with cancer don’t know about many of the alternative treatments.

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Join our team of “Miracle Workers” … use your talents, knowledge and experience to create miracles for others.

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Let us know if you’re interested in delivering public presentations to clubs, organizations and other groups on behalf of Marathon of Miracles.


Many of our MIRACLES would not be possible without the generous support from people like you. Consider giving today!


Marathon of Miracles conducts workshops, seminars, and other events in our efforts to educate, prevent, and treat cancer. Contact us if you’re interested in hosting an event.


Most of us are connect with dozens if not hundreds or thousands of other people through social media. Take time to SHARE the message of Marathon of Miracles with your network.


Marathon of Miracles works with educators, treatment providers, and other professionals. Let us know how we might work together to create more Miracles.